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We are a group of influencer and affiliate directors who came together to build a better way for brands and creators to work together.
We believe content creators should be looked at as long term partners for your brand, requiring a long term strategy around incentive structure, campaign creation and a front end strategy.

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“Lily has a keen eye for identifying which creators are going to be hugely influential for the brand, for brand awareness and sales. She also made me feel valued at every step of the way, even when providing feedback.”
Nicole Modic
Creator and Founder of @KaleJunkie
“Lily's insightful strategies and innovative ideas consistently yield impressive results. She possesses a deep understanding of the industry landscape and knows exactly how to navigate its complexities.”
Erica Eckman
Creator at @everythingerica and Founder of Ecko Digital Media
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We have answers.
I don’t have much of a following, does that mean I’ll get rejected?

No, of course not. You can be a seasoned creator or someone just starting out. When we say all are welcome, we mean it. We will require all partners to complete a thorough initial screening to further understand their platform and motives. Who you are and what you believe matters more than followers.

Is this just another discovery tool? What community benefits really are there?

You will not be added to a discovery tool. We don’t view creators as just profiles, but as human beings. Of the many established (and in development) benefits, our collective will offer exclusive access to Superbloom Approved brands right when they’re signed. You are invited to join brand campaigns and initiatives before anyone else. For the budding creators, you will go through the Superbloom Mini-Course to refine your best practices as a brand evangelist. You will leave understanding how to turn your audience into a community, what brands look for in a cold email and media kit, and how to advocate for yourself at the negotiation table. You will also have the opportunity to join an even smaller group of other budding creators to learn from a Creator Advisor directly. Collectively, we will help you grow your platform and identify your unique perspective within a crowded industry.

What is a Creator Advisor?

Creator Advisors are long-term partners to Superbloom who have partnered with two or more brands within the community. They are community builders, change makers, and advocates for change within the influencer industry. They are individuals working towards their dreams, and are passionate about helping others reach their potential.

How can I ensure that my value is being fairly assessed with the exclusive brand deals?

We will teach you how, as simple as that.

What does a typical Superbloom brand deal look like?

Long-term, aligned with your ideal posting cadence, and creatively flexible.